Competition letter

Gap-fill exercise

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   all sorts of      As I said      cup of tea      do hope      drop me a line      I’d love it if      It sounds as if      share with   
Dear Pablo,

I’ve got some really exciting news to you. Guess what? I’ve won a holiday for two people in a competition. I that you can come with me.

All I had to do to win the competition was write a slogan for a local travel agency. My winning submission was “Fly LTC and see the world”. , my prize is a holiday and it is a cruise around the Mediterranean for a fortnight. The ship is the latest luxury liner and has entertainment facilities including a swimming pool, a cinema complex and onboard tennis courts. it should be great fun.

I really hope that you are available sometime this summer. you could come with me, as it sounds just your and you could always act as an interpreter for me when we get to Spain!

I need to book the cruise quite soon, so just if you are free.

All the best