Bad relations

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1. We used to get on pretty well but then we out with each other when we went to university.

2. It was quite a relationship as we used to argue with each other all the time and we sometimes went days without speaking to each other.

3. I couldn't my brother when we were younger. I guess it was an extreme case of sibling rivalry.

4. I think our relationship turned when she refused to help me.

5. Although we are now good friends, our relationship got off on the wrong and initially we couldn't stand each other.

6. There are times when we have serious disagreements, but we always manage to the air afterwards.

7. Despite the fact that she is a nice person and has many good qualities, she still gets on my and I find it hard to like her.

8.I do like her, but there was one occasion when she let me quite badly.

9. One thing I don't like about him is that he down on people who are less intelligent than him.