Closeness of relations and romance

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1.Although we are not particularly good friends, we see each other quite a lot as we move in the same .

2.While we are on terms and say hello to each other every day, I wouldn't call him a friend.

3.I guess you could say I know him out by now - all his good points and all his bad points.

4. Sadly, we didn't stay in with each other after we left school and I don't know what he's doing now.

5. We see eye to about most things but we can never agree about what film to watch.

6. He wasn't very outgoing and sociable and preferred to keep to himself. For all that, he was perfectly friendly.

7. Although David earns more money, it is Sylvia who really wears the in the relationship. David will also do what she says,

8. She was something of a friend though and I couldn't rely on her for help when times were bad.

9. One reason I am so close to Peter is that he has always supported me through and thin. He has helped me even when times were bad.

10. They’ve been going with each other for around two years now.

11. They were an for quite some time before they got married

12. We first got when we were in high school

13. They'd been living together for a few years before they decided to the knot.